About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Organic Cosmetics

InomiaPure was born to  provide a natural solution to many of the problems that surround us in our daily lives and that cause a certain lack of control.

The search for mental and physical well-being based on the use of Organic Products has led to the creation of InomiaPure, a site that offers organic products based on the organic plant.

To relieve the tensions of everyday life
The founders of InomiaPure tested Plant based cosmetics for a long time and were able to clearly experience its benefits in people with anxiety, work and family stress, accumulation of tiredness, fatigue and all the evils that attack us in today’s society and that have multiplied in the time of the pandemic.

For athletes
We also saw that it generated an improvement in our recovery and, therefore, in subsequent performance. Many professionals around the world are using CBD products in sports such as cycling, crossfit and golf.

InomiaPure is the result of our wish to make Organic plant based products available to everyone. It is a product of organic production that can help to deal with all the pitfalls and challenges that we have in our lives. We are one of many to have tested the results of plat based substances in everyday life.

InomiaPure can help us in many facets. It is perfect for those of us who handle stressful work situations which, in these times of pandemic, have multiplied exponentially.

Organic Plant based products could help those of us who suffer from insomnia or sleep deprivation. InomiaPure contributes to good night’s rest for all its clients, providing the tranquility that allows them to fall asleep.

In addition, InomiaPure is designed for athletes with intense weekly practice. Yoga, cycling, crossfit, golf, etc. If we can recover after a hard day of practice, without a doubt, our performance will improve and the muscle recovery and extra energy supply that Plant based products can give us, has made us enjoy our hobbies to the fullest.

InomiaPure uses only 100% natural products

Our Team

We (Tim, Charly and Chris) got to know each other during the Dakar rally. Once you’re in the Dakar rally world, you’ll never get out of it. One of the most beautiful things about this phenomenon is that very nice close friendships arise in which you keep each other informed of your plans every month.

In addition to the cool memories, you are also talking about everyday life.

People like us seek adventure and take on challenges and that often brings a form of stress and sometimes insomnia. While we actually want to be sharp and rested during our busy daily lives.

The more you talk about this with each other, the more you discover that you look for assistance in the same way. Whether you come from Alphen a/d Rijn, Naarden or Madrid, we really think the same.

It now appears that all 3 of us, independently of each other, started experimenting with CBD oil and got varying results. Together we decided to look for a good product, as there are big differences in the market. After a thorough search, we arrived at a Swiss product and we can now present it under the name InomiaPure.

Our objective is simple; collect the best products and make sure we can share the best possible quality with you at a fair price.

What does Inomia mean? Inomia means “it remains” in Swahili.

That is pure coincidence, it is also the name of the horse that one of our daughters rides. In short, we just thought it was a beautiful name!

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