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Organic production

We produce and manufacture our CBD oils and creams applying the principles of organic production

Swiss Quality

We produce and manufacture our CBD from quality products according to Swiss standard, using the most advanced ecological production methods.

Guaranteed concentration

We test each product twice in the laboratory and verify the result externally for maximum safety.

Swiss Based Quality CBD

One of the best in the Industry

Our process

Cultivated – We guarantee product traceability from seed to final processing.

Research – The manufacturer has a R&D center, which studies varieties and improvements using the highest technologies, to keep us at the forefront of plant-related products.

Extraction – The patented hemp extraction process provides complete confidence in the entire range of InomiaPure products.



‘’This year 2020 was challenging, with the pandemic, I have become a father and I have had to combine my hobby, cycling, with the hours I have to spend taking care of my newborn daughter, my wife and the excess of teleworking. Due to lack of time I had to intensify my training substantially. I was running out of energy and was sleeping badly, until a friend who came from the US told me about the benefits of CBD products. He used it during his training period. It triggered me to start using it myself. In the last 2 months my performance has increased tremendously, and even with all the extra activities like teleworking and children, I have reached my goal (20,000 km in 12 months), even one month quicker. By doing long runs from Friday to Sunday. It was a great success”

Nicolás Palmer, amateur cyclist - 40 Years


“For years I’ve been struggling with elbow problems from golfing. Intense pain that kept me from playing for more than 2 days in a row, cooling with ice, using anti-inflammatories… terrible! I read a lot of American golf magazines like GolfDigest and there I read about players like Bubba Watson using CBD products to tackle these problems most golfers have. Be it on the elbows, shoulders, hips or back… I bought the InomiaPure Oils and Creams to apply directly to the area of the pain. The result? Not only did I get rid of the pain, now I can play 2 rounds of golf a day, I rest much better, my sleep quality has improved and that makes me much more active during the day.”

Pedro Martin, amateur golfer, 44 Years, handicap 8


“My life was and remains very busy with the pandemic, my husband and 3 children at home all day. Also unable to see my parents, I was becoming very stressed. I didn’t sleep well, I woke up at 4:00 am and couldn’t sleep anymore. I used to go to the gym to stay in shape and release my stress, but now with the pandemic I didn’t go anymore. A friend from the neighborhood told me about the benefits of InomiaPure. I decided to try it. It is natural, 100% organic. I said to myself, it can’t get any worse. I have been using InomiaPure CBD Oil for a month now and have managed to relax more and start the day with more energy. I can recommend it without hesitation.”

Lucía Sanrromán, Housewife 3 children, 38 Years
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